Happy to report that the static IP issue seems to have been resolved with a fine new modem (& possibly some exterior work) from the fine folks at Comcast Business. Knock wood.

An apology:

For the last week or so, my static IPs (which make this server possible) have been under some kind of attack.

Rebooting seems to help some, & I have a tech coming out to look at potential line issues (which is, sadly, almost certainly not the problem) on Saturday.

But as one guy barely getting by, this server is going to be spottier than I'd hoped for the foreseeable future.

Please investigate having multiple Mastodon accounts. Lots of great instances in our Fedi timeline.

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Hey everyone! Please bear in mind that if you want to change the "privacy" of a post, you have to delete & repost it (which Mastodon @ least makes easy). And I'd like to keep the /public feature active for as long as is practicable, so please measure twice, cut once on that front.

Great list; you can follow any of these here, just search for their full double@ handle: joejoe.github.io/mastodon/

Just put the full handle of the account you'd like to follow (i.e., @handle@mastodonserver.wherever) in the search box above, & then click follow when they're found.

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You can follow anyone from any other Mastodon server here, which will enrich our "Federated timeline". This one look pretty good: mstdn.foxfam.club/public

This is a welcome message!

Go to "Profile directory" over on the right & follow @arzachel (Jason). You might want to unfollow @admin, but I might use it for general announcements.

You also might want to "Enable advanced web interface" under Preferences.


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