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Hey everyone! Please bear in mind that if you want to change the "privacy" of a post, you have to delete & repost it (which Mastodon @ least makes easy). And I'd like to keep the /public feature active for as long as is practicable, so please measure twice, cut once on that front.

Great list; you can follow any of these here, just search for their full double@ handle:

Just put the full handle of the account you'd like to follow (i.e., @handle@mastodonserver.wherever) in the search box above, & then click follow when they're found.

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You can follow anyone from any other Mastodon server here, which will enrich our "Federated timeline". This one look pretty good:

This is a welcome message!

Go to "Profile directory" over on the right & follow @arzachel (Jason). You might want to unfollow @admin, but I might use it for general announcements.

You also might want to "Enable advanced web interface" under Preferences.


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