@arzachel vvas fun and long and so i spun miles of yarn vvhile listening to a stunning beautiful collection of songs lol

@spinny Awww shucks thanks. Would love to see what you made!

@spinny well there’s lots of other shows up there on my Mixcloud— at least a couple of sweaters worth!

@arzachel@astodon.derveni.org still lots of stuff vvhile listening lolol

i love this page -thanks a lot -i just listen to some inredible tango novv

@spinny I’m DJ Zardoz, but since you reference tango (a shameful blindspot) I don’t think you were listening to one of my many shows.

Would love a link to whatever you were listening to!

@arzachel lolol i have no idea its so much music on that page -it vvas a radio station i guess - it just popped up there

i opend this link and scrolled dovvn and clicked of any emblem live - and then that tango started -as it vvere so many live emblems i dont no more vvhich one it vvas - but iam very happy vvith your page -music each day -as i love to listen to all sorts of stuff i dont knovv

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